Lindsey Feldman, LCSW

Lindsey Feldman

My name is Lindsey Feldman and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with roughly 10 years of experience. I graduated with my Master’s degree from The University of Chicago. I am independently licensed in the state of Arizona and Illinois. I have worked in a variety of outpatient mental health settings  through community mental health, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, and college counseling while utilizing an eclectic approach that includes interpersonal psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused and mindfulness based techniques. 

My work tends to focus on helping individuals find their balance when experiencing stress related to work/school, home life, or relationships. When we are faced with difficulties in these areas, it’s common to feel overwhelmed or experience depression and anxiety.  I collaboratively work with my clients to address their mood that may be negatively impacted by their changing life circumstances (i.e. employment changes, start or loss of a relationship, graduating, marriage/divorce, etc). Through using various evidenced based practices, I will work with you to enhance your wellness, self-care, and coping skills.  I look forward to working alongside you on your path towards fulfillment and self-development. 

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