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Training & Speaking

Melton Psychology Group, LLC provides trainings and workshops for organizations and academic institutions. All engagements are tailored to your specific needs. Previous workshop/training topics include:
    • Hip Hop Therapy
    • Interpersonal Process in Therapy
    • Clinical Training and Supervision
    • Human Rights and the Health Service Psychologist
    • Multicultural Supervision
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Race-based Stress and Resilience
    • Activism, Advocacy, & Ally-ship in Clinical Practice
    • Ethics Through a Multicultural Lens
    • Race Talk as a Multicultural Competency
    • Self-Care as an Ethical Standard
    • Understanding Professional Identity and Its Development

Check Out some of Dr. Melton's videos:

Dr. Melton joins the conversation about the impact of racial stress and racism in America.

Dr. Melton discussing the process of creating a new normal during COVID 19.

Dr. Melton providing a recap on a community discussion about race.

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